Theresa’s Turn

Hello all! I am Shannon’s sister, Theresa. She asked me a while ago to be a guest writer on her cooking blog. I am not much of a writer and my cooking style is very different from Shannon’s. I am more of a traditional cook. My family likes meat and potatoes and pasta. I am bored with their palates. I am working on bringing new recipes into our lives. I started last week by making chicken noodle soup. This probably has a few of you laughing but in this house soups are cream based. It was delicious and went over very well with the kids. A Lady’s Chicken Noodle Soup from Paula Deen. And even though the recipe called for it, I avoided the cream and Parmesan cheese in it. ( I was sick and avoiding dairy). Well today I saw a recipe for Shrimp Creole on Facebook. It may have been a good recipe but I decided to look for recipes from a well known creole cook- Emeril Lagasse. My thoughts in going for it- I would have time to stop at the store, prep, cook, and have it served within one and a half hours. The recipe was full of flavors so that we like so I gave it a whirl. The kids gobbled it up and I personally thought it was delicious. The one thing I did differently was to use canned tomatoes. I think a longer simmering time would allow the flavors to meld more but it was a very good recipe as it was written. And it was so simple! I was able to do a couple of chores during different phases in the recipe.

My sister is my inspiration in trying new and different things, I hope you all continue to read her blog and keep cooking at home!

Paula’s Version
As modified
Emeril’s Shrimp Creole

Paprika Recipe


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