Selene Restaurant

Yesterday, I got an opportunity to do something I have never done before. It was completely by fortunate chance. We are visiting my in-laws who spend time in Florida in the winter; this year they have rented a condo in St. Petersburg near the beach. It’s been too cool for swimming, but it’s been nice to enjoy short sleeves and walks on the beach as compared to our winter weather. As we were returning from one of our excursions we were discussing the restaurants they had and had not tried and which ones might be good. We happened to drive past Selene, which they had not noticed before or tried. 

The plans for the evening were to go to a seafood restaurant they had been wanting to try; unfortunately we discovered that they don’t take reservations. We started to look for other options and the discussion led back to Selene, a quick look at their website revealed it to be a run by a Greek family with a Greek chef with lots of experience in New York. Their website proclaims their commitment to excellent service, quality ingredients, and meals always from scratch. So, we altered our plans and decided to call Selene, they took reservations. 
It was only once we arrived that we discovered it was their opening evening. The waitstaff were energetic and nervous, but also kind and attentive. We sampled some of the cocktails; they were unique and delicious. The Sunset Sangria has a taste of vanilla that is an unexpected sweetness and the Mediterranean Mule is light and refreshing (also served in a copper mug like a Moscow Mule). 

My elder son order the daily soup as a starter, it was a delicious spinach soup which I forgot to take a picture of; it had a creamy texture, but no cream. 

My husband and I started with the Bruschette; there is a piece of sea urchin hiding in each of those spoons. The sea urchin was good, but the lemon in it didn’t seem to fit. It gave it just a touch of a cleaning agent after taste at the end.


My younger son ordered the striped bass special on a bed of mashed potatoes – very good!

Striped Bass Special

 My older son who is allergic to fish ordered the Pulled Duck Leg with seared polenta. I barely had a chance to photograph it before it vanished from his plate. He didn’t offer me a taste, but assured me it was awesome. 
Pulled Duck Leg

 They shared an order of truffle fries that were amazing.


My husband ordered the Fillet of Grouper, which is served of sautéed spinach with a Parmesan and tomato cream sauce. The fish was perfectly prepared and delightful. 

Fillet of Grouper

 Considering the Greek roots of the restaurant, I ordered the Branzino. It is a simple white fish common in Europe and grilled whole. They fillet it before serving with a touch of olive oil, lemon, capers, parsley, and pepper. I was thrilled with my selection. It was expertly prepared. 

Overall, I recommend Selene. I think they will quickly work out the kinks and establish themselves as a high end highlight in the beach area. If you are in that area of Florida – check it out. 


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