Inspired Sandwich

I am fortunate to live near Ann Arbor; it’s a community that successfully encourages individuals to be unique. The result is a wonderful mix of individuality and a business district filled with entrepreneurs. As an added bonus, many of these are in the food business, making it a hit for foodies like me.

One such business is Eat. This is a local catering company that also has a small dine-in area and a thriving carry-out business. They change their menu regularly as local food changes with the seasons. The last time I was there I had a sandwich I had not previously seen in their menus: Bacon-Strawberry. It was perfect, thick cut bacon on thick farm bread smeared with goat cheese with sweet sliced strawberries and arugula. As an added bonus the bread was dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and the sandwich was grilled.


I knew that my family would love this sandwich, so that’s what I made for dinner tonight. The ingredients are simple, but best if high quality. The strawberries should smell sweet.

I used our local market’s French Country bread, while soft and delicious it has a thick crust that holds up on a grill. I also let the bacon (that I cooked on Sunday), goat cheese, and strawberries come to room temperature.

When it was time to cook, I started by smearing a thick layer of the goat cheese on the inside of both halves of the sandwich and then I dipped them on a plate with olive oil and balsamic and set them on my cast iron grill pan where I was re-crisping my bacon.

I layered on the bacon, sliced strawberries, and mixed greens. (The lone arugula didn’t look to good so I picked up a blend with spinach, arugula, and baby greens.) I topped it with the other slice of bread, pressed it, and ultimately flipped it to get both sides crisp.

As expected, it was a hit with everyone!


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