Grad Party – Part 1

My oldest is graduating from high school this year, so we have decided to have a grad party, as many families do. I considered having it catered or at least purchasing the food already made. As I reviewed the expense, I elected to make most of the food myself. I am buying chicken, because who wants to spend the day over a fryer and because I have a local market that uses all amish chicken to make their fried chicken. The biggest savings is from making my own ribs. 

I have built up a large amount vacation days so I decided to take the week off to do the ribs. By pre-cooking them in the oven, they will only take 6 minutes on the grill on the day of the party. I’m starting with my rosemary in my new food processor (I decided using the broken one was going to waste too much time. 

After chopping it, I added in the remaining ingredients for the wet rub. You can see I took some liberties for the bulk prep (I can’t even imagine the amount of time it would have taken to peel enough garlic cloves for 2 cups minced!)


The resulting sauce is thick and beautiful, my graduate decided the smell alone was amazing. 

The next part is prepping the ribs for the rub; you must remove the membrane/silver skin from the back of the ribs to ensure they are tender. 


And then 3 to a pan; I’ll be doing about 12 of these. 

To cook them, ½ cup of water goes into each pan and they are tightly sealed with foil and roasted at 425°F for 1¾ hours. 

Once cooked they are very tender. I’ll be keeping them cold in giant ziploc bags until the morning of the party. I’m reserving juice from the bottom of the pan for a glaze and I’ll have BBQ sauce too. 

More to come this week as I progress.


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